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"Number crunching is exhausting."

Thomas Zeutschler

Planning, Forecasting and Analytics can be done better. Let's give it a try...


"The computer is incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid.
Man is unbelievably slow, inaccurate, and brilliant.
The marriage of the two is a force beyond calculation."

Leonard Zeutschler

Quote: Muhammad Waseem, a Pakistan computer scientist and entrepreneur.

"Source code ON PAPER" by Tim Lucas, licensed under is CC BY 2.0


"Symbolic Planning? Hmmm..."

Richard Zeutschler

Just enter "2016 Sales for Asia +5%" and your forecast is done.


"Walt Disney shows Disneyland plans. 1954" by Orange County Archives, licensed under is CC BY 2.0

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

Walt Disney

A Planning and Forecasting visionary, well known for some other reasons...


12NUMBERS is a space to reflect and envision new ways and technologies for planning, forecasting, analytics and business intelligence and related stuff.



Just enter “2016 Sales for Asia +5%” and your forecast is done. All outlets are adjusted, the group P&L is updated. Wouldn’t that be a crisp and expressive way to do planning and forecasting. Symbolic Planning is a new and innovative planning methodology, but it also will become a mind-blowing software solution soon (under development). Investors welcome...

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Photo “Day 267 – Anyone Understand Spreadsheets” by Simon James, licensed under CC



This super powerful Excel Add In – currently in final development – will change your life, really no joke! It enables you to enter numbers and expression like “+10%” in calculated cell and thereby intelligently update all the preceding value cells – even thousands and distributed over multiple sheets or workbooks – in just a few seconds. Think of…

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Photo “Splash” by Valerie Everett, licensed under CC



The intention is to talk about innovative ideas and technologies around BI, Analytics, Planning & Forecasting, Coding and Business Questions. You might take delight. You would like to contribute with your own post? Just leave me a message in the contact form…

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Photo “BLOG” by Christian Schnettelker, licensed under CC.


The Beauty of Evidence

Highly Rrecommended: Read on of the wonderful books of Edward Tufte, like “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information“. These books gave me new insight and perspectives for my daily work as a professional in Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Any information provided is near to useless if it does not tells me a story, make me think or drives me to certain action. The more visual expressive quantitative information can be provided, the easier and deeper people can understand and remember the core of the information given. And the next big step on this road is to make information more tangible and interactive modifiable. This vision drives my work…

Yours Thomas Zeutschler


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