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This is the very first blog post on 12NUMBERS, the place where I like to share my passion, insights and work about Planning, Forecasting and Analytics.
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Welcome to 12NUMBERS


18 Mar Welcome to 12NUMBERS

Not the best start – laying in bed, with a bad cold caught from another ill german (that’s ambiguous, isn’t it). At least I’m able able to write this very first blog post on 12NUMBERS, the place where I would like to share my passion, ideas, solutions and insights from now on. I hope you like it. Please allow me to introduction this website and myself.

My interest, work and the stuff you will find on 12NUMBERS is all around Planning, Forecasting and Analytics. Related topics like Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance ManagementData Science, Information Design (Visualizations) and a little bit of programming will also be discussed.

My name is Thomas Zeutschler, I life in Essen, Germany. The area of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management is my professional home turf since 25 years now. Today I’m responsible for the Business Intelligence Strategy and Architecture of an international and quite successful CPG and industry company named Henkel located in Düsseldorf. You most properly know one of Henkel’s top brands like Loctite, Dial, Schwarzkopf, Persil, or Purex. We are managing a 200TB data ware house covering all aspects of the company’s value chain, serving 10,000 potential users on a worldwide basis. Aside strategic and architecture topics, my small team and me also has to care about the infrastructure for development, test and production. That is a dozen huge database servers with up to 1 TB of RAM and hundreds of virtual and physical machines causing a lot of day to day technical and business challenges. Very, very demanding, permanent change but also constantly inspiring. Bottomline, I love it.

I studied Business Administration, focussing on Operations Research and Finance, had the chance to make my first steps in the classic consulting business and then stepped into the just raising area of business intelligence and OLAP technologies and MIS Group, who implemented one of the first in memory OLAP databases (which is still offered by Infor as a software called pm10). This boom time was very inspiring. More details about my career you can find at Linked In.

My personal standard is to be a scientist and innovator for Business Intelligence related topics. I’m constantly trying to rethink and scrutinize how things can be done better. Fortunately, my job at Henkel offers a constant stream of unsolved and complex business questions. Therefore I’m able to spend a good portion of of my daily work and my personal energy on innovative topics, rethinking technologies and solving tricky business question. Lucky me. I also intended to write about some of them on 12NUMBERS.

And finally and at the bottom of my heart, I’m a software developer. This is my passion and what makes me happy. At the age of 15 I invested all my money into a Commodore C64 and started to program in Assembler (programming BASIC was much to slow at these times). This passion ended up as head of R&D in a BI software company (MIS) where we created quite successful software ranging from in-memory OLAP databases (at a time no one was talking about in-memory) up to CPM solutions for management and legal consolidation used by top european companies. During my career at Henkel I have designed and implemented also a lot of medium to large scale software solutions. Some of them are quite innovative and powerful, but unfortunately not available out side Henkel. I intend to talk about some of them in my Projects list.

My sons, Leonard (just finishing school) and Richard (crazy 15) are helping me setup and maintain this site. Leonard is also quite interested and talented in programming and he is helping me a lot caring about the 12NUMBERS website project. For me its a relaxing spare-time activity that keeps me away from sitting in front of a TV.

Photo “Welcome” by Jimmy_Joe, licensed under CC

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