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What drives us

Life is best when you’re happy. This website is intended to deliver valuable information, services and tools around Planning, Forecasting, Analytics, Business Intelligence and related stuff, just to make you happy. Either we are able to put a smile on your face, make you think about a topic or make you more successful in one or the other way. If we have reached at least one of this, all the effort to maintain a website like this turns into a pleasure.

And please forgive us the lousy English grammar, we are only Germans…

The Team

Manager by profession, inventor in mind, programmer by heart, poor guitar player, even poorer race car driver, early morning sports.

Thomas Zeutschler

Creative Head

Coding is fun, data science too. Just finalising school, going to be come a data scientist. Kung Fu champion (be aware), also expert in chilling with friends.

Leonard Zeutschler

Lead Developer

Why does my dad always think I have to contribute to the things he likes. But anyhow, learning to code and how web stuff works is worth it. And dad, be aware, I'm also a Kung Fu champion.

Richard Zeutschler