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Projects Overview


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Symbolic Planning

Planning and Forecasting are import and demanding tasks at companies of any size. And in times of globalization, agility and transparency of realistic planning get’s more and more important, if not even essential. To project a present business scenario into a future business scenario (aka planning) is a highly creative and complex task where assumptions, opinions and relevant information of various kind has to be melt together into an action plan, but also a measurable quantitative plan, e.g. a sales plan or P&L plan statement.

Agile business planning and steering as it should be. Congratulations.

The quantitative outcome – a plan – is just a bunch of numbers. When you look at the plan, you have no clue what it really wants tell you. Is a planned 15% sales increase for China super ambitious or is it ways below the possibilities of this market? The pure numbers won’t tell you.

What if we could turn the classic planning approach upside down? Instead of typing dump numbers into entry forms, you could just write down an assumption like this: “2016 Sales in Asia will raise by +5% compared to 2015“. And your done…

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EasyEntry for Excel

EasyEntry is really a super powerful Excel Add In. And will definitely change your life, at least if you are controller or other other hardcore Excel-maniac. It enables you to enter numbers and expression like “+10%” in any calculated cell and it will – automatically and very intelligently – change all the preceding value cells to match the desired result in the calculated cell.

Imagine of the following Excel cells: A1 = 6, A2 = 4 and A3 = SUM(A1:A2) = 10. To invoke the magic of EasyEntry you must start your “easy entry” with a trigger. The default trigger for US keyboards is for instance the character “>”. Hence entering “> +50%” in cell A3 would not overwrite the formula but change the cells A1 and A2 to A1 = 9 and A2 = 6 and finally add up to A3 = SUM(A1:A2) = 15.

Now imagine that works for almost all often used Excel functions like SUMIF(), AVERAGE() or even IRR(). And imagine it also works 100% properly for complex formulas like this IF(A1 > 10, SUM(B1:B4), (H4/10)). Wouldn’t that be cool? I showed it a colleague of a mine, a controller and he just said:

This is unbelievable. Having this would save me days or weeks. Can I have it?

He already has it. And to be honest, EasyEntry is just a by-product of the Symbolic Planning software design and implementation. But it’s worse to make a separate small tool out of it. The software entry is currently in final development and testing, and will be hopefully released this year. Start of public beta testing will be announced in the blog.

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CDL – Corporate Data Logistics

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FlexReport for Analysis Services

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Alea Web Templates (Infor pm10)

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